Juvenile Justice



Juvenile Justice Ministry offers Bible-based programs and Christian mentoring to arrested, abused and at-risk youth living in residential facilities helping them build a firm foundation for life through mentorship, life skills, community and faith.



  • Provide enrichment programs that focus on practical issues and a realistic approach to help youth permanently erase destructive habits by recognizing and choosing healthy environments for spiritual, mental and physical development. Reinforcing positive habits and behaviors as youth encounter problem-solving obstacles and challenges.
  • Offer young people the chance to develop a relationship with one or more adults who become friends, role models, life coaches, and advocates for successful transition back into community, schools, churches, and neighborhoods.
  • Focus on helping youth accept their responsibilities and realize their potential while maximizing their strengths
  • Increase a youth’s awareness of educational, cultural, recreational, career and entry level job opportunities, and introduction to new networks and community
Juvenile Justice

Project Dade: A Community Initiative of Miami Youth for Christ

Juvenile Justice Project Dade

The aim of Project Dade is to support youth between the ages of 14-19 years old who are on home detention, probation or at high risk of dangerous behavior. This initiative serves to positively affect the recidivism rate among juveniles, utilizing realistic approach helping youth erase destructive habits by teaching them to recognize and choose healthy environments for spiritual, mental, and physical development.


Prosocial Activities


The Miami YFC Juvenile Justice team uses the best methods and procedures to ensure that youth and their families will have the highest quality experience as they become a part of the Project Dade initiative. 


Youth will engage in prosocial activities through:

  • An engaging 12-week faith-based re-entry curriculum
  • Connect to youth caring adult mentors who advocate for successful transition back into the community
  • Family engagement through quarterly special family events.
  • Working closely with Youth’s JPO to encourage youth to comply with their restoration plan
  • Fun activities like sports and performing arts ( Hip-Hop, creative writing)


Youth Eligibility Criteria: 


  • Male/Female youth between the 14-19 years of age
  • Youth lives in Miami-Dade County ( Liberty City and Homestead)
  • Youth will exhibit an internal desire to meet weekly with the Project Dade Team
  • All adults are supportive including parent/guardian of youth participation in Project Dade


Youth exhibits needs in the following areas: 


  • Applying problem solving skills through life coaching
  • Learning and practicing pro-social skills through social learning
  • Being introduced to a new positive community
  • Preventing revocation of probation
  • Consistent supportive friendships with adult role models/ mentors

Guardian  release permission to share child’s information (Report card, JPO plan)


Quality Volunteers

We strive to find the best volunteer mentors for the youth and families in our community. All of our volunteers go through the following process:


Our staff are seeking those who can best serve the community according to the standards and values of Miami YFC and make a one-year commitment.


How do I apply for the Program?

Please contact Ronnie Lillard at 305.271.2442 or [email protected].

YOU make a big difference! 

Interested in learning about volunteering?

Let us know and we will reach out to you!